Superlight. Lightness in Contemporary Houses

Superlight. Lightness in Contemporary Houses

Författare: Richardson Phyllis

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The projects in “Superlight. Lightness in Contemporary Houses” combine two strands of thinking: that lightweight buildings can weigh less and have minimal impact on their environments, and that this lightness – visually, materially, ecologically – can create beautiful, ethereal houses.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution architects have sought to liberate our houses from their solid foundations and one of the most powerful design philosophies of recent years has been Glenn Murcutt’s dictum that buildings should ‘touch the earth lightly’.

‘Superlight’ living can offer both new, natural modes of living and greater communion with our surroundings. Climate change, new materials and restricted land use have given fresh impetus to finding lightweight solutions

Författare: Richardson Phyllis

Art nummer: 6023512

Utgivningsår: 2014

Utgivare: Thames and Hudson

ISBN: 9780500342961

Antal sidor: 256

Kategori: Arkitektur

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