The Wonders of Florence

Författare: Lugato Franca, Cestaro Dario

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The first pop-up book on Florence. Dario Cestaro’s spectacular drawings and paper architecture reveal Florence and its treasures in a pop-up book telling the city’s history with straightforward texts and interesting facts.

This fascinating journey in colored pages shaped into Florence’s most celebrated landmarks will help even younger children to recognize the main buildings: the cathedral with its famous ogival dome; the Palazzo Vecchio with its great tower and crenellated walls; the Palazzo Pitti, once the Medicis’ majestic ducal residence; the Ponte Vecchio, the iconic bridge over the Arno with its historic craft shops; the Church of Santa Croce, which contains tombs and monuments to many illustrious persons (Dante, Michelangelo, Galileo).

Författare: Lugato Franca, Cestaro Dario

Art nummer: 6148807

Utgivningsår: 2015

Utgivare: Marsilio

ISBN: 9788831719216

Antal sidor: 12

Kategori: Arkitektur