Författare: Babina Frederico

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A poster book containing 30 detachable posters made by artist/designer Federico Babina

Archist is a playful interpretation of the expressive language and aesthetics of some of the world's most popular artists. For example, Babina tried to imagine what a house designed by Dali´ or a museum conceived by Miro´ would look like.

- The book shows that there is a symbiotic relationship and implicit partnership between architecture and art. A sculpture is like micro-architecture, a fac¸ade can become like a painted canvas and a building can look like it was shaped by a skilled sculptor.

Författare: Babina Frederico

Art nummer: 6148833

Utgivningsår: 2016

Utgivare: Luster

ISBN: 9789460581823

Antal sidor: 30

Kategori: Arkitektur