Going Green with Vertical Landscapes

Författare: Nghia Trong Vo, Niwa Takashi

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In the 21st century the architects and designers of urban spaces face great challenges to integrate nature in order to transform 'cement forests' into 'forest cities'. Perhaps the best solution is to go green with vertical landscapes. More than just a decorative trend, this is a means of bringing life and greenery into metropolitan areas by using different framing systems to create compositions of plant life and adapt them to diverse settings, including offices, factories, parking lots, hotels, and installations within larger parks.

Enriched by the reflections of the inventive protagonists of this fertile new aesthetic, Going Green with Vertical Landscapes is organised by theme and canvases early experiments conducted by famous design companies such as Vo Trong Nghia Architects (VTN), Fytogreen Australia and RYUICHI ASHIZAWA ARCHITECTS & associates. All of these projects combine man-made materials, recent technologies, and diverse types of vegetation to conquer the vertical dimension.

Författare: Nghia Trong Vo, Niwa Takashi

Art nummer: 6148845

Utgivningsår: 2017

Utgivare: Images Publishing

ISBN: 9781864707557

Antal sidor: 239

Kategori: Arkitektur