Under Ground

Författare: Zerdoun Catherine

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Under Ground is a tour of the most fascinating subways viewed through the filters of urban planning, ethnology, art, and history. More than 100 subway stations and train cars are described in informative text and stunning color photographs.

The book opens with a chapter on the origins of the subway, the story as told by four subways in particular. London's Underground was the world's first subway. The Paris Métro was a product of the Industrial Revolution and the first modern subway. New York City's subway is the largest and busiest subway in America. Buenos Aires pioneered South American subway systems. Today, however, the designs and technology of these trailblazing subways have been far surpassed.

Extra: Stockholms tunnelbana beskrivs som "världens längsta museum" och finns i boken representerad med tre stationer, T-Centralen (blå linjen), Solna Centrum och Rådhuset.

Författare: Zerdoun Catherine

Art nummer: 6148834

Utgivningsår: 2016

Utgivare: Firefly Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781770858114

Antal sidor: 207

Kategori: Arkitektur