Living in Style: Architecture + Interiors

Författare: van Uffelen Chris

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“Living in Style: Architecture + Interiors” presents single-family houses, apartments, villas, chalets, townhouses and lofts for singles or couples, for small or big families, or other forms of cohabitation. Featuring more than 100 projects, the most different kind of habitats from around the world are displayed. It shows that indeed every home and every living style is very special and unique.

Individual life scripts are most clearly reflected in a persons’ home. The home’s envelope and the arrangements within it represent its inhabitants’ character and identity; sometimes each component on its own, sometimes as a complementary or contradictory combination, and sometimes as a synthesis of both. The focus can be on the spaces created by the walls, the ceilings, the floors, to the distribution and partition of rooms, to the furnishings and details like sorting the spines of the books on the shelves by color.

Författare: van Uffelen Chris

Art nummer: 6023522

Utgivningsår: 2014

Utgivare: Verlagshaus Braun

ISBN: 9783037681770

Antal sidor: 456

Kategori: Bostäder

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