Level-1. Contemporary Underground Stations

Författare: Baker Lisa

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Tunnel systems constitute the arteries of every modern city. In increasingly densely populated and growing metropolises the underground metro system is gaining in importance. Consequently, existing underground networks are constantly expanded and improved while completely new systems are developed. 

With design, lighting, furnishing and frequently with artistic interventions, the underground complexes made of tracks, platforms and accesses have become the subject of great spatial creations. The unique combination of architecture and engineering is what makes this area of construction so exciting and that underlines the fact that the projects presented in Level -1 can be rightfully described as public transportation cathedrals.

Författare: Baker Lisa

Art nummer: 6023525

Utgivningsår: 2015

Utgivare: BRAUN

ISBN: 9783037681916

Antal sidor: 191

Kategori: Byggnader