Passive House Design. Planning and design for energy-efficient buildings

Författare: Gonzalo Roberto, Vallentin Rainer

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The passive house standard is developing more and more into the international key currency of energy-efficient construction. Passive houses are being erected in almost all parts of the world and for all types of users. “Plus energy” buildings and entire zero-energy districts show that the passive house standard is also a sound basis for advanced efficiency strategies. At the same time, many architects are unsure about the specifics: What do passive houses really deliver, and what errors need to be avoided during planning?

The book “Passive House Design” gives readers confidence in dealing with the passive house standard from the very first design draft. It shows how much scope for design there is in passive houses and explains design strategies that lead to better passive buildings. Detailed documentations of both residential and non-residential buildings illustrate how design, construction and building technology combine in passive houses. Chapters on building physics, building services engineering and energy balancing provide the required detailed knowledge for being able to implement your own passive house projects.

  • Project planning and energy balancing of passive houses
  • Design strategies and construction methods
  • Renovations using passive house components
  • Home automation for passive houses
  • Detailed documentation of 14 constructed examples

Författare: Gonzalo Roberto, Vallentin Rainer

Art nummer: 6148802

Utgivningsår: 2014

Utgivare: Detail

ISBN: 9783955532208

Antal sidor: 151

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