Booming Bamboo

Författare: van der Lugt Pablo

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The world of bamboo is fascinating, inspiring, pragmatic and yet far away.
If we only let the facts speak, we have insufficient logic to gather the attention for bamboo it so much deserves. Facts are solid, since a social housing project with bamboo can provide shelter, while the land required to grow and harvest the bamboo will be cleansed and supply drinking water to the same community, offering a never-ending cycle of carbon sequestration.

But facts alone will not tip the balance: we must also open our hearts. This is why we need more bamboo ambassadors who speak from their deeper inside, who communicate through the Universe, and who ensure that tangible products are made available and can be enjoyed, both in function and with sight.

Författare: van der Lugt Pablo

Art nummer: 6148842

Utgivningsår: 2017

Utgivare: Materia Exhibitions B.V.

ISBN: 9789082755206

Antal sidor: 208

Kategori: Konstruktion och stomme