Bridges spanning the World

Författare: Binney Marcus

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This book looks at more than two hundred bridges spanning the world and the centuries. Here you will find, amongst others, an Inca suspension bridge made from grass ropes; the mile-long Roman aqueduct at Caesarea; the bridges of Venice; France’s famous Millau Viaduct; the doubledecker, transporter, lift and stilt bridges produced by German precision engineering; Spain’s Acueducto del Águila (glowing in a bright livery of yellow and terracotta red); the awe-inspiring cantilever bridges built by railway engineers across major rivers in North America and India, and the world’s longest suspension bridge at Kōbe in Japan.

Författare: Binney Marcus

Art nummer: 6139006

Utgivningsår: 2017

Utgivare: Pimpernel Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781910258170

Antal sidor: 256

Kategori: Broar