CoClass International Information Meeting – December 4th in Brussels

Could CoClass be the common classification system for Europe?
An opportunity for you who want to know more about CoClass and the CoClass International Working Group!   

Thanks to the great interest in CoClass the Swedish Building Services hereby invites you to learn more about the CoClass classification system.

What is CoClass?

CoClass is the new Swedish digital classification system for all built environment, with the potential to radically change the construction and maintenance sectors. The purpose of CoClass is to provide all parties with a common language describing the basic functional parts of the built environment, at all scales of complexity. It can be used in all software and in all information deliveries during the entire lifecycle.

CoClass can contribute to saving billions as a platform for efficient project communication and asset management, for all sorts of buildings and civil engineering works.

CoClass is based on the IEC/ISO 81346 series of standards. This has been used for many years for classification and reference designation in process plants. In the new versions, it also covers the needs for construction and facility management. CoClass makes numerous additions to the standards, making it useful also for spatial planning, for formulating functional requirements, for production planning, and for many other purposes.

In short, CoClass is:

Digital  a digital language readable by both human and machine

Common  a standardized language with a structure which simplifies and streamlines your work

Lifecycle  enables an unbroken flow of information usable during the entire lifecycle

Future  an online classification to be used in other applications such as CAD software, maintenance systems, purchase and calculation systems

International  based on proven international standards

CoClass International

In 2018, the Estonian government started a project to implement a new construction classification system that would enable better digital information exchange between all stakeholders throughout the building lifecycle. It soon became evident that many other European countries like Czech Republic, Finland and Lithuania are also facing the same challenge and looking at existing systems like CoClass as a possible solution.

Implementing a common classification system across borders will improve co-operation, increase standardisation and enhance digital working methods. Hence the CoClass International initiative was formed to explore possibilities for adopting a common international classification system and to establish the necessary support structures in member countries. A Letter of Intent was signed by representatives of 4 countries in May 2019.

General information

The purpose of the meeting is to give an overview of the CoClass classification system and to inform about the ongoing work within the CoClass International Working Group.

At the meeting we will address the need for a common classification system within Europe, and discuss whether CoClass could be the foundation for that.
The presenters will give their background story and view of CoClass as a common language within their country or region.

The goal of the meeting is to provide a better understanding of CoClass, and the CoClass International Work Groups attention to establish a Common Classification Core for the European market.

The meeting will be of interest for those who have the need for a common digital language, and for those who need a modern classification system that meets the requirements from the lifecycle of the built environment.

Important information

Please note that we have a limited number of seats.

If you have questions regarding CoClass that you would like us to answer during the meeting, we kindly ask you to send your questions in advance to

More information about CoClass, such as standards, principles, concepts and reference term, is available at CoClass web service at About CoClass.

Information to speakers

For those of you who wish to give a 10-minute presentation about your classification needs or views on CoClass, we hope to give you an opportunity to do so. If this is of interest to you, kindly send your inquiry before the 15th of November to

We will need your final presentation by the 20th of November.


09:00–09:30 Coffee and registration

09:30–09:55 Introduction

  • Attendees
  • Purpose of the meeting
  • The history of CoClass

09:55–10:15 Why classification?

  • Report on Nordic Study of Classification Systems

10:15–11:30 CoClass Classification System

  • Overview of ISO 12006-2, ISO 81346 series and CoClass.
  • Q&A from the attendees

11:30-12.00 Data templates linked to classification

12:00–13:00 Lunch

13:00–13:30 CoClass International

  • Benefits of a common European classification system
  • CoClass INT activities so far

13:30–15:45 Country presentations regarding the need for a common classification system

15:45–16:15 Coffee

16:15–17:30 Discussions

  • Joint discussion
  • Next steps
  • Closure

Program (PDF)


The venue for the event is provided by the EU BIM Task Group
Avenue d'Auderghem 45, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium

Lnk to venue

Ways to get there by public transport:
You can choose to take the subway, no 1 or 5, to the subway station Schuman which is very close to the venue. The train from the airport also stops at the Schuman station.

Contact information

The host of the meeting is the Swedish Building Services.

Mikael Malmkvist

Product Manager CoClass:
Mikael Malmkvist
+46 76 833 88 20

Klas Eckerberg

Head of Systematics:
Klas Eckerberg

+46 70 699 90 11

Susann Kärnek

Editor CoClass:
Susann Kärnek
+46 70 600 90 91

Jaan Saar

CoClass International:
Jaan Saar
+372 529 07 77