This is My Blocks

During years to come we are facing a gigantic urban development in Sweden: there is a need for the sustainable modernization of Sweden’s million homes programme areas –  and at the same time we need to build hundreds of thousands new homes. There are big challenges – and opportunities – both in terms of economy, ecology and social aspects. A key part in order to succeed is interaction with the residents – especially young people. This is why Swedish Building Services (Svensk Byggtjänst) launched the My Blocks concept in 2011.

Det här är Mina kvarter

The concept is about involving residents – in first hand young people - to gather their ideas for improvement in their own neighborhood. Within My Blocks, residents are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas in a fun way – in order to influence how their local surroundings will look in the future.

After an initial brainstorming session, the residents´ concrete ideas and suggestions are built up in Minecraft, a computer game that works like a digital Lego. In Minecraft, it is easy to quickly sketch out a local neighborhood in 3D.

During workshops, residents have an opportunity to take part in the new construction and renovation of their own neighborhoods. The workshop sessions are led by representatives from Swedish Building Services and the client, i.e. the local property company or the local municipality. Together, we go through and assess the different suggestions, such as survey responses from residents in the area.

International spin-off

My Blocks has also had an international spin-off, Block by Block – a collaboration between Swedish Building Services, UN-HABITAT and Mojang (the creators of Minecraft). Swedish Building Services are now looking for young urban planners and skilled Minecraft gamers for Block by Block projects around the world.

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