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AMA is a reference document, used in close relationship with technical specifications. AMA includes requirements for proven materials, methods and technologies. AMA is used in the preparation of technical descriptions and execution of civil works. New editions are published every three years.

AMA is developed in collaboration with technical experts within the Swedish construction industry, and is widely accepted by all parties involved.
This English edition constitutes a translation of the Swedish original text version of “AMA Anläggning 17” as well as appendices and definitions. It is an extended version that also contains all confirmed codes and headings from “RA Anläggning 17” (Advice and Instructions).

Other related reference documents are AMA AF 12, English edition (Administrative regulations) and MER Anläggning 17 (Measurement and reimbursement rules). MER has not yet been translated to English. AMA-Nytt contains a section with proposed new codes and specifications, for updates until the next revision. AMA-Nytt is issued twice a year and has not yet been translated to English.